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  • Homemade Samoas (Caramel deLites)
  • Zombie Dust Tacos

Recipes & Dining

My girlfriend and I love cooking and going out to eat. Join us on our culinary adventures, both in and out of the kitchen!

Beer & Brewing

When I’m not eating, you’ll likely find me drinking a craft beer or three. I also have a huge set of homebrewing equipment in the spare bedroom. Check this section for my latest beer-of-the-day, brewery events and tours, and homebrewing tips & recipes.


I’m an engineering graduate from a Chicago university and professionally licensed in the State of Illinois. Here I offer my insights on building systems design and green practices, as well as software tips & tricks.

The Others

Yes, that was a subtle A Song of Ice & Fire reference, and yes, this is the section I will nerd out writing about other things I enjoy.

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